Help! My Dog Humps Stuffed Animals!

Help! My Dog Humps Stuffed Animals!

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Let’s talk about something embarrassing. We all know that dogs mount other dogs.  That’s natural. I want to talk about dogs who mount objects. Specifically,  dogs who mount and hump stuffed animals. Oh, what the heck, my dog is the one who does this and I would like to know why.

Embarrassing Dog Behavior in Front of Guests

I am going to save you the salacious photos. Somehow it doesn’t seem appropriate to capture the moment while entertaining guests. Instead, I’ll share this photo of Misha sleeping peacefully with her favorite squirrel toy. Isn’t it sweet?

dog sleeps with squirrel toy
Misha loved her squirrel toy from day one

So, let me give you a scenario. Someone stops by who your dog really loves. I mean, she really loves this person. She gets super excited every time she sees them as if they are the one and only.

She jumps all over the them in her Jack Russell way. It’s in her nature to bounce around with joy.

You begin visiting with this person. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice your dog has pulled her favorite squirrel toy out of her toy box. She loves her squirrel.  She’ll start chewing on it.  She’s going to chew off a leg or pull some of the fur off because that’s what she does.

You stop paying attention. And, then you see it. She’s on top of the darn squirrel.

Why Does My Dog Hump Stuffed Animals?

Misha does not hump her toys all the time. In fact, she rarely does this. She does not do it when playing with them.

No, she only does this when we have company and she is very excited about it.

I have had this book since Sierra was a pup. It is my number one go to book for dog behavior issues. Maybe it’s time to read it again, though I don’t recall this issue being addressed.

Good Onwers, Great Dogs book cover
Brian Kilcommons’ book is available on

I have no logical answer for Misha’s behavior, so, I’m throwing it out to the dog loving community.

What possesses my dog to mount her stuffed animals in front of company?

Cathy, at the Groovy Golden Doodles blog, recently covered the topic of dogs mounting dogs and how uncomfortable it makes people feel. She listed some reasons that might cause dogs to mount other dogs. It could be part of the play ritual, sexual arousal, a health issue, and so forth.

dog chewing on squirrel toy
The proper way to play with stuffed animals…chew off their paws

I have an idea as to why Misha does what she does.  You know how a child can get so excited about a special event like their birthday party that they have too much extra energy and they become bratty? They do things in front of their party guests they never do on a normal day. They act up.

I think that Misha is acting up.

Sshe gets herself so wound up when special people come over that this energy has nowhere to go.

When we stop paying attention to her, she has to do something to vent this energy. So, she takes it out on the poor squirrel toy.  Typically, it doesn’t last long and she is back to herself.

Am I close?

We Had to Banish Her Bunny Toy

I’m ruling out health issues because this isn’t her first inappropriate relationship, so to speak.

My dog has a very large bunny toy. It lives in her “safe place”…the space under my computer desk that she hides in when she is scared.

Dog sleeping with bunny toy
My dog feels safe with her bunny

She and her bunny hang out during fireworks explosions and when there are flies lurking.

It wasn’t always like this. The bunny used to have free reign of the house.

Then, it was banished when Misha began mounting it from of visitors.

Can you imagine an 8 lb. Jack Russell humping a 2 foot long stuffed bunny toy in front of guests? Well, if you couldn’t before, you can now!

Mr. Bunny had to be taken away, out of sight, to a private place, for his own safety. Forbidden love and all that.

She doesn’t try to mount him anymore, thank goodness!

Do You Know Why My Dog Exhibits This Behavior?

I would like to put this out there for our readers. I’ve had female dogs all my life. Not one of them had this behavior quirk.

Does your dog mount their stuffed animals?

Does your dog exhibit strange behaviors when they are excited about visitors?

Does anyone have an idea why my dog does this?

I guess you’ll never be able to erase that bunny image from your head. For that, I am sorry.


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