Help Me Find My Lost Dog Treat

Help Me Find My Lost Dog Treat

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My dog can be a tad obsessive about food.  She loves to play with her treat balls and she checks them repeatedly during the day just in case something falls into them.  You just never know!

Where, Oh Where Did That Little Dog Go?

The other day Misha went missing.  This either means she got locked behind the doggie gate on my mom’s bedroom or she’s hiding under the bed because something terrified her.

As I passed by the spare room, I came across this scene.

dog treat stuck in closet door
Something is behind the closet door

Help!  My Dog Treat’s Stuck in the Closet!

If you noticed the scattered treat balls and the focused stare, this can only mean one thing.  Misha has somehow knocked a doggie treat in the space between the closet doors again.

dog focused on closet door
Come out, dog treat!

Seriously, there is no way she is moving from that spot until I get the darn treat out. It’s in that little space that no matter how many times I open the doors it moves with it.

Eventually, we free the dog treat and the world is a happier place…at least, Misha’s world is!

Misha Loves Her Dog Treats!

These are Misha’s favorite dog treats, by the way. She just loves Old Mother Hubbard and Buddy Biscuits!  They have mini sized treats which are perfect for an 8 pound Jack Russell Terrier.

Is your dog treat obsessive?  Will your pet sit and wait for you to help them?


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8 thoughts on “Help Me Find My Lost Dog Treat

    1. Misha is like that if a treat gets under the couch. She stick her head under as far as she can then tries to reach her paws out to grab the treat. I’ve walked into the room with her bend over like that. And, there is always something!

    1. Cathy, I’ve had to move furniture, too! Though, usually, we’re both on the ground looking under the couch with me with my arm stretched out and her with her paw trying to get whatever it is first.

  1. Callie has been known to flatten her head to the ground on one side and slide it under furniture just to get a piece of stray treat that might have fallen out of her treat balls. She is a 12 1/2 year old Lab/Coonhound/??? and needless to say… VERY food motivated. She even figured out how to get filled treat balls off the top of her crate!

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