Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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Misha made this costume herself.  😀  It reminds me of Charlie Brown.

I won’t be dressing her up today.  Well, you’ve read about how well she does with dog clothes.

She doesn’t do well on Halloween at all.  Last year, I had her in the spare room with me.  She barked almost constantly for 2 hours.

This year, I’ve decided I’m going to give Misha a small dose of her sedative an hour before the Trick or Treaters appear.  It will help her relax so she isn’t in a frenzy every time the door bell rings.  I won’t give her the full dose, but enough to mellow her out.  It will be easier on Summit as well.  She gets upset whenever Misha barks.  I don’t really like giving her the sedatives unless absolutely necessary (like for a veterinary visit).

Hopefully, this will help us all enjoy the evening.

Happy Halloween, Everyone!


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