Happy Birthday Midget Dog!

Happy Birthday Midget Dog!


It’s Misha’s 6th birthday.  We sang to her and she joined in at the end, though she seemed somewhat baffled at singing to herself.  Happy Birthday to You is her favorite song.  She loves to sing it.

Jack Russell gets birthday present

And yes, she got a couple of presents for her birthday.  Grandma got her a new toy which she seems to like.  I replaced her Busy Buddy Twist ‘N Treat toy with the smaller version.  Her old one was much loved and much abused.  Because she was able to open it with her teeth, there were tiny bite marks all around the edges.  It made it impossible to get really clean.  She’s got a bright blue new one.  She loves treat toys.  I get my money’s worth out of these!

Busy Buddy Twist N' Treat is great for dogs

Health wise, last year wasn’t a very good year for Misha.  Twice she ate things she shouldn’t have and had stomach upset because of it.  In the middle of that, she stepped on something and her paw swelled up like a balloon.

The worst came at the end of the year.  She started Proin only to have to be taken off of it 8 months later when it made her an anxious, restless, panicky insomniac.

Once she was off the Proin, I was able to see that maturity has come to my little Jack Russell.  I’ve written several times about Misha’s behavioral problems after my Dad died.  It’s been a challenge but she is proof positive that if you keep working with a dog, they will come around.

I am going to do a series of posts to show how Misha has improved and where she still needs work.  In this way, I can show that with tenacity, persistence, patience, and hard work you really can help a dog with behavioral issues.  That goes for feisty, energetic Jack Russell Terriers, too!


Happy Birthday, Misha!


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