Giraffe Ears are Tasty on This Dog Toy

Giraffe Ears are Tasty on This Dog Toy

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Grandma bought Misha a new dog toy.  It’s a giraffe that is about the same size as her.  It was cute to watch her pick it up by a leg and drag it over to the living room.

Once she got there, she threw it around a few times.  Then, she plopped herself down and went to work pulling the fur off the ear.

_20160709_8234misha giraffe toy (6)
What is this thing anyway?

She chewed it up pretty good for about 20 minutes.

I must destroy its ears
I must destroy its ears

All that work seemed to tire her out.  She laid down and rested.  You know she’s tired when she allows the dog toy to put its head on her back.

I'm so tired I am letting this thing touch me
I’m so tired I am letting this thing touch me

She eventually got up and went to bed. Ear destroyed. Her work is done.

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9 thoughts on “Giraffe Ears are Tasty on This Dog Toy

  1. I’m out of options for toys that will last. They all gut stuffed toys pretty quickly, Hershey destroys rubber toys, and my last option, rope toys, Marsha has no compunctions about literally eating them!

    1. Hershey and Marsha sound like they really like their toys…maybe too much. I have to watch Misha because she will sometimes swallow what she chews off. I’m not sure if your dogs would like them, but they make dog toys out of recycled tires. They are very think. I bought one for my Lab years ago. Of course, she didn’t like it because it was too much work.

    1. I’ve jokingly called Misha’s stuffed animals amputees. Many are missing an ear, paw, or nose. She’s not a squeaker attacker, but she has to chew off limbs.

    1. I hope so! Misha isn’t normally destructive, except when I leave the room. I was on the phone awhile back and I guess she felt slighted. When I went into the living room, their was stuffed animal cotton all over the place.

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