Getting Your Dog to Pee in a Cup

Getting Your Dog to Pee in a Cup

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Oh, the joys of dog ownership.  This was my latest challenge.

Medical test cup
How to get a urine sample from a small dog

My little nervous midget dog would not relax enough even on acepromazine to let the veterinary tech get a sterile urine sample.  So, I got to collect the sample.

There are logistics to consider when trying to get a 7 lb. Jack Russell Terrier to pee in a cup.  For one thing, she is only a couple of inches off the ground.  Where the heck do you stick the cup?  Then, since she is afraid of so many things, will the cup freak her out?

Evidently, I am not the first person facing this challenge. They make a special kit just for this purpose called…are you ready for it? The P-Scoop!  It is a rounded spoon with the telescoping handle that allows you to stand 9 to 29 inches away from the dog.  This could come in really handy especially if your dog gets nervous when you approach too closely.

I dreaded having to do this.  I think I dreamed all night of trying to retrieve urine samples from dogs. It’s not like it was the first time I had to get urine from a dog.  My Lab had UTIs regularly.  But, she had three legs making the whole operation considerably easier.

Cup for dog urine test
How do you get a small dog to pee in the cup?

As expected, I made a mountain out of a molehill.  You know the lid that the cup comes with?  It makes a perfect little pee catcher.  It was deep enough to catch the 1/8 to 1/4 inch that they need for the test.

Cup lid
The lid comes in handy for getting a urine sample

First pee attempt of the morning, I followed her around the yard.  When she squatted, I stuck me gloved hand with lid under her.  She lifted a little as if saying “What the heck is that?”  But, she kept peeing and I got more than enough to pour in the cup.

My friend, Carol, offered a suggestion and I think it’s a good one. Those narrow drip trays that come with George Foreman Grills are the perfect size for sliding between the back legs of a small dog. They never even know it is there.  Be sure to wash it out between uses…wink…wink.  Better yet, buy and extra one for this purpose.

The results came back the next day and everything looks good.  I always worry that I might not notice the first signs of a health problem since she leaks.  Now I can relax knowing her blood and urine test both came back normal.


2 thoughts on “Getting Your Dog to Pee in a Cup

  1. I had to chuckle through the reading of this, all the while thankful that I like big dogs that are high off the ground when they pee! But you figured out the best way to get the job done, go you!

    1. Ruth, When the office worker first gave me the cup, I kind of laughed. There are advantages to larger dogs. LOL

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