Getting squeezed out of my own bed

Getting squeezed out of my own bed

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Having Summit stay over means sharing a bed with her.  She never sleeps on the bed at home, but she simply refuses to relax if I make her lay on the floor even with her own bed.  She tends to be restless because of her seizure medication, so if she’s calm, I’ll put up with it.

In the last year, Misha graduated from her cage to the “outside world”.  Normally she sleeps in her tent bed, but sometimes she sleeps on the bed with me.  It depends on her mood or if I’ve rolled over on her during the night.

Naturally, when the big dog stays over, Misha must sleep on the bed, too.  Misha sleeps at the headboard and Summit at the foot.

Last night, I heard Misha moving around.  I rolled over to see if she needed to go outside.  What I saw made me laugh.  Summit had stretched out diagonally and the spot where Misha poked her head out was exactly where Summit’s head was.  Misha’s head was on top of Summit’s and Summit was sound asleep.  They were like this for about 30 second or so.  Then, Misha did a quick retreat and got back in her spot rolled up in the quilt.  I think she had second thoughts about the whole thing. LOL

If I had a camera and could have taken a shot without disturbing them, I would have done it.  But, sleep was calling 😉


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