Get Yourself Some Hormones

Get Yourself Some Hormones

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Do you remember that line from Fried Green Tomatoes?  Well, Misha has got herself some hormones, too.

As you know, Misha was taken off Proin after side effects turned her into psycho dog at the end of the year.  The next step was to try another medication for her urine leakage.

Her veterinarian recommended she go on DES. While effective, it can carry an increased cancer risk at high doses. Her veterinarian assured me that the dose for urine leakage is very low and that she has not had a cancer related case for any dog on this drug after several years in practice.

Because of certain risks, dogs have to be monitored.  I need to take her in for a blood test in a week or two.  Then, there is a schedule for testing.

After mulling it over, I decided to go ahead with it. Considering what we experienced with Proin, it seemed like it was better to leave that class of drugs. DES carries almost no side effects at this small dose.

It wasn’t easy finding a compounding pharmacy that could make the medication. I’m glad I shopped around.  The prices varied greatly–$20 or more between pharmacies. I eventually settled on one and had the prescription filled.

Misha started taking it two weeks go. So far, so go. She was leaking pretty bad once she stopped Proin and she has only had one or two episodes of dribbling since being on DES.

Don’t tell her it’s medication though! The chew tablets are chicken flavor. She begs for them when I pull them from their protective container.

Hopefully, we’ve happened upon the solutions. At least, her personality is intact. I don’t think I could have taken a second round of psycho dog.Misha begs for her medication, too


2 thoughts on “Get Yourself Some Hormones

  1. Aren’t compounding pharmacies wonderful? We used one for our cats when they needed thyroid medication. So much easier than having to pill them twice a day after 14 years of NEVER having had to accept a pill before. Glad Misha’s doing well!

    1. They sure are! Proin was a liver flavored tablet and Misha hated it. I had to put peanut butter on it so she’d eat it (which sounds really disgusting to me). The compounding pharmacy offered the medication in three forms and the chewable came in 4 flavors. I ordered chicken and she loves it. I was somewhat surprised at the variations in price. One pharmacy was twice the price of what I got it for.

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