Evidently she hates liver flavor

Evidently she hates liver flavor

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Misha has been having a problem with incontinence off and on for a couple of months.  I took her in for some tests a couple of weeks ago to make sure that she didn’t have a UTI or another issue.  With other problems eliminated, the veterinarian determined that it might be due to female hormone issues.  It’s sort of like what happens with women of a certain age.  As we pass through menopause, we begin to experience a little leakage.  It happens in dogs, too.

I remember when my Lab was diagnosed with this issue.  She weighed 75 lbs.  When she lost control of her bladder, it was noticeable.  There would be a puddle wherever she was laying.  With Misha, it’s a little more subtle.  She leaves a small wet spot on the blanket or a drop or two on your pants.  Although she is just approaching 5 years old, she isn’t considered too young for this problem.  Our veterinarian treats a dog that is only 2 years old and experiencing the same thing.

One thing I remember is the medication was flavored–not by tasting it 😉 .  Sierra thought she was getting extra treats twice a day.  She’d eagerly waited for her pill.  She loved them!

Misha is more the skeptic.  The first day she swallowed it eagerly.  The second day she played with it for a bit but wouldn’t swallow.  She did take it when followed by a small treat.  Third day? She rolled it around in her mouth then spit it out repeatedly.  Then, she walked away.  I tried to hide it in a treat.  She ate the treat and I found the pill on the ground.  There was no way in hell she was eating this thing.  I ended up throwing a way a very soggy little ball.

Day four I relented and got out the peanut butter.  I wasn’t going to play this game twice a day for the rest of her life.  Leave it to Misha to be the one dog that doesn’t like liver flavor pills.


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