Dogs who chase their tails

Dogs who chase their tails

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Does your dog chase its tail?  Misha does.  She’s my first dog to do so.

I’ve watched her taunt herself with her tail for a few seconds.  Then, she leaps up and begins running in circles around and around trying to catch the elusive culprit.  Sometimes she spins so much that when she stops she is so dizzy she kind of weaves around.

This afternoon her tail got her angry, so she had to chase it.  She caught it once, turned and ran the opposite direction.  She spun around three different times.  Finally, she caught it good.  She bit down so hard that she made herself jump in the air.  And, then she turned and looked at ME as if I had done it!

I was laughing so hard.  No, dog…that was you!  You bit your own tail.



2 thoughts on “Dogs who chase their tails

  1. When I was young, we did have a dog that would bark at her back feet. This usually happened when she was gnowing on them (she was weird), and because she was young, they would pop out of her mouth, and she’d bark at them. The nerve of some feet!

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