Dogs Make Terrible Lumbar Supports

Dogs Make Terrible Lumbar Supports

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I was playing around on Pinterest when I came across this pin. It made me laugh.

You see, I have a Jack Russell who likes to sit behind me on chairs, too.

Sometimes Misha likes to be close to me, really close!

dog sitting behind person on chair
Can you see the one eye behind me?

She jumps up on my lap. Then, she slides around until she is in lumbar position.

She’s pretty comfy. I wish I could say the same. All I get is what’s left of the seat!

dog sleeping on chair behind person
Just right for a dog nap!

Is this a Jack Russell thing? A small dog thing? Does your dog like to climb up on the back of your chair just so they can be closer to you?


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8 thoughts on “Dogs Make Terrible Lumbar Supports

  1. Our cats try that sometimes. We dogs are too big for Mom’s office chair. It’s not comfy, but we hang out at her feet under the desk or next to her.

    1. Maybe you should encourage Mom to get you your own couch. I think that would be much more comfy than under the desk.

  2. I think the pup will win in the end! Hmm… I do that too, but I’m a kitty cat. The humans are always trying to take over my furniture & cramp my style. Tee hee hee.

    1. Valentine, You know us too well. There have been times when I leave Misha on the chair and go elsewhere. We humans do get in the way.

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