Blanket Mishaps

Blanket Mishaps

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Misha loves vegetables.  So, when she heard me making lunch, she ran out from her under blanket to get her afternoon treat.  In her haste, she dragged the blanket with her.

After she got her treat, she went back to bed.  But, her blanket was on the outside and she wanted to get on the inside.

She looked around for a human to help her, but no one was in sght.  Well, they were but they weren’t very helpful.  She tried to pick up the blanket herself, but it didn’t work.

So very unlike Misha, she climbed into the blanket on the floor.

I caught her later in this thoughtful pose.

dog thoughtful under blanket
My dog is adaptable!


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10 thoughts on “Blanket Mishaps

    1. Greg, I remember Misha doing the same things. I kept her in a playpen because she was so small (2 lbs). She had her own blankets in there. I would have to replace them because she turned them into Swiss cheese when she was teething.

    1. Groovy GoldenDoodles, It makes you wonder why they start these new behaviors. If I were you I’d give Jaxson a towel before he gets a bra. 😀

    1. Jackie, Misha loves anything that remotely resembles food. LOL She is partial to baby carrots and broccoli though. She just loves them.

    1. Zoe and Raja, It sounds like you both know the importance of blankets and how fun they are. My niece and nephew used to love crawling under them too.

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