Back to the Leaky Bladder

Back to the Leaky Bladder

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Well, Misha has fully recovered from her bad drug trip.  She’s slept off the fatigue.  it took a couple of weeks, she’s back to her old self.

Unfortunately, this means she is leaking urine again.  It started slowly.  A dribble here and there.  I guess the Proin stayed in her system for awhile.  Now she’s back to having accidents.

I’ve discussed it with her veterinarian and we’ve decided to start her on hormones.  These drugs do have risks.  However, the vet assures me that they rarely see it in the small doses needed for controlling bladder leakage.  And, she has never had a patient develop cancer from this medication. It can also cause anemia.  Misha will need regular blood tests just to make sure problems aren’t developing.

I appreciate that she has been upfront about the benefits and the risks.  As I saw with Proin, all medication can have side effects. Misha experienced the anxiety attacks.  But, Proin can also cause seizures.  You just can never tell.  Sierra, my previous dog,  was on Proin for about 5 years.  Not once did she have any issue with it.

Misha’s new medication needs to be specially compounded.  It should be ready this week.  Then, we start over.  Hopefully, we’ll have better results this time.


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