Are Jack Russell’s really all that brave?

Are Jack Russell’s really all that brave?

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I’ve read a little bit here and there about Jack Russell Terriers and their characteristics.  They are supposed to be fierce hunters and very brave.  Brave huh?

Misha has the fierce part down.  She’ll scare off anyone who comes on our property.  I’ve been saved from the mail carrier and the UPS driver many times my tiny protector.

However, if I’m ever attacked by someone wielding a fly swatter or a role of aluminum foil, I am on my own.  Misha is terrified of both.  She’s even made the connection between seeing a fly in the house and the fly swatter.  She runs out of the room and hides under the bed until the coast is clear.  I guess I can always hide with her.

She’s also terrified of my brother.  Just mentioning his name sends her running.  He’s never done anything to her.  I suspect it’s his voice that scares her off.

I don’t think that every dog fits every characteristic of a breed.  These generalizations might fit some dogs, but not all of them.

misha hiding_20120506_434DSCN1074

My brave Jack Russell hiding under the bed until the coast is clear.



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