Prime Day Dog Deals! Prime Day Dog Deals!

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It’s Prime Day at! That means we can pamper our pups and save some money!  I’m all for saving money.

Look at some of the great stuff I found for Misha. Good thing she doesn’t have a credit card or I’d be in trouble.

My dog loves puzzles and this Hide-A-Squirrel toy fits the bill. I wonder if they are storing any nuts in there.

I don’t know about you, but if I were a dog I’d sure love to know what was going on the outside my yard. This fence window lets your dog keep track of what’s happening in the neighborhood. Too bad they don’t have these for indoor. I know Misha would love her own little porthole to keep watch over the front yard.

Misha loves her dog treat dispensing toys. She has five of them. I use them at meal times so she doesn’t wolf her food down too quickly. I’ve never seen the Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball Toy in action. It has adjustable levels which is awesome for my dog. She needs the challenge. If you have one, tell us what your dog thinks of it.

If you read this blog regularly, you probably know this. My dog is a bit eccentric. One of her quirks is she will not drink out of a dog bowl that another dog has drunk from. Weird, huh?

This collapsible dog bowl is just what we need when we go on walks or to family parties.

Isn’t this living the life? I bet if I bought my dog this pet sofa bed we wouldn’t see her all day. She’s be lounging about like the rich dogs.  Probably expect me to hand feed her treats, too.

Those are some of the great dog stuff I saw on the Prime Day deals page. If you got a good deal today, tell us about it in the comments. I might not show Misha though. She may make me buy it.

Remember, if you’re not a Prime member this is a great day to get in on their free 30 day trial membership. Discounts and free shipping–now that’s a steal!


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