A Look Back on Misha’s First Day

A Look Back on Misha’s First Day

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I was going through some old photos and came across those from the first day I met Misha.  I’ve told the story before.  A week after Sierra died, my two nieces (and their parents) showed up on my doorstep with an adorable hamster sized Jack Russell Terrier puppy.  They called her Peanut as a joke.  You can see that she had plenty of room in her crate.

Jack Russell Terrier First Day

It was love at first sight, of course!  You might be surprised to know that at first her ears were flat, very flat.

Here she is smiling.  I think she was happy to be adopted.

Jack Russell Terrier 8 weeks old

It’s hard to imagine how tiny she was.  On that first day at 8 weeks, she weighed less than 2 lbs.  I was able to hold in in one hand like a rodent.

Everyone was a little nervous the first time they picked her up.  You were afraid you might squeeze her too hard.

In this photo you can see that she was tiny in this photo of my niece holding her.  I love her little feet pajama paws (as I call them).

She was so small that the smallest dog collar didn’t fit her.  They had to buy a cat collar!

Jack Russell Puppy laying down

That first day was very exciting and tiring.  She fell asleep on my lap before our guests left.

Jack Russell Puppy sound asleep

In May, Misha turns 6.  It’s hard to believe that so many years have passed by…already!

It’s been 6 years of ups and down and ups again.  She has had to work through some issues and it hasn’t always been easy.  But, she’s come a long way and she is an ongoing source of entertainment. Although she is very different from Sierra (about 70 lbs. different), I wouldn’t want her any other way. Okay, may not as crazy when there’s a fly in the house, but I can live with that one.



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